Top Things to do in Central Park, New York

What to do in Central Park New York?

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Made-made Central Park is big. You could walk for over 50 miles the still leave many a path untrod. Alternatively, just relax on one of Central Park’s 9,000 benches which give testament to the multitude of the Park’s numerous resident and migratory birds (285 species no less). But there is much more to do than sit on bird poo.

Central Park

Revolutionary War

You find series of fortifications for the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. northern end of the Park.


Bridle Paths

Take a short ride on the 4.5 miles of bridle paths.


Alice in Wonderland

Climb the Alice in Wonderland Sculptures, near Fifth Avenue at East 75th Street.


Angel of the Waters

Experience at least one of the 30 bridges/arches to walk over possibly more of the 51 sculptures to look at. In particular, get a picture of the “Angel of the Waters" fountain and - Cleopatra's Needle.


Belvedere Castle

Find the Belvedere Castle, the Henry Luce Nature Observatory, near 79th Street in the center of the park (great views) Once a weather station, now an education center with terrific views.


Central Park Zoo

Visit Central Park Zoo, 5th Avenue at East 64th Street (212) 861-6030.

Officially called the Central Park Wildlife Center. Displays wildlife, including polar bears and monkeys, in naturalistic settings. Run by the Wildlife Conservation Society, which also manages the Bronx Zoo. Open every day of the year. April through October: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. November through March: 10 am to 4:30 pm daily. Watch the sea lions chow down at 11:30 am, 2 pm and 4 pm; see the penguins dine at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm every day. Save your ticket for entrance to the nearby Tisch Children's Zoo.

Near East 81st Street (behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
An Egyptian obelisk presented to the U.S. by the Khedive of Egypt in 1881.


Conservatory Gardens

Escape to the beautiful Conservatory Gardens, Fifth Avenue at 105th Street.


Delacorte Theater.

Home of free Shakespeare plays each summer. (212) 539-8655


Friedsam Memorial Carousel

Near 65th Street in the center of the park (212) 879-0244. Children love riding this antique merry-go-round. A good place for a child's birthday party, too.


Great Lawn

Behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The place to suntan, toss a frisbee or wait for free Shakespeare tickets.


Harlem Meer

Between 107th Street and 110th Street off Fifth Avenue. Harlem Meer is a beautifully landscaped pond. Follow the path around the meer for a wonderful walk on a sunny day. You can actually catch fish here (although you are encouraged to toss them back); call 212-860-1370 for details. The Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, which runs programs for kids, is located on the north side.


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Main entrance to the jogging track is at East 90th Street. This 1.58 mile track is almost always busy with joggers. The heavy use and diligent police patrols make this a popular place to run, even in the evening.


Lasker Rink

(212) 534-7639. The less crowded and less expensive alternative to Wollman Rink for winter skating.


Loeb Boathouse

Near 74th Street, on the east side of Rowboat Lake (212) 517-3697. Open for lunch and dinner all summer, beginning in May. A nice place to have a drink and enjoy the sunshine.


Sailboat Lake

Near Fifth Avenue at 74th Street, (212) 673-1102. Relax and watch the mini-regattas of remote-controlled yachts in the lake. Better yet, rent a boat at the Kerbs Model Boathouse and join the races!


Strawberry Fields

Near Central Park West at 72nd Street. 2 1/2 acres planted with 125,000 strawberry plants in honor of John Lennon.


Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater.

(212) 988-9093. Offers shows for children.


Tennis Courts, (212) 280-0205


Tisch Children's Zoo.

5th Avenue at East 65th Street, (212) 439-6500. Just north of the larger Central Park Wildlife Center, the recently redesigned Children's Zoo is a special place where very young visitors can experience a world of animals designed especially for them. Best for toddlers and pre-schoolers.


Victorian Gardens Amusement Park

(212) 982-2229

One-of-a-kind, hand-crafted rides, games, face painting, storytelling, clowns and entertainment. A gentle way to introduce your young children to an amusement park. Seasonal only. Located by Wollman Rink.


Wollman Rink

6th Avenue at 59th Street, (212) 439-6900. Ice skating in the winter; in-line skating at other times.


Central Park, New York

• Get your skates on the skating rink,
• Have a little swing at the miniature golf ,
• Have a big swing on the tennis courts,
• Or have a kiddie swing at one of the 21 playgrounds
• You could play softball,
• Or hardball
• Go for a swim
• Or just a spin on a carousel.
• You might need a rest,
• And maybe that’s best,
• At Harlem Meer
• But do not fear,
• Or if not so keen,
• You could try the zoo,
• But if that won’t do,
• Escape to the beautiful Conservatory Gardens,
• or let you feet have a rest
• Go for a Buggy Ride or a Horse-drawn hansom cabs (near the Plaza entrance on Central Park South and at Columbus Circle)
• But my favorite thing in all of central park
• Strawberry Fields
• Near Central Park West at 72nd Street
• 2 1/2 acres planted with 125,000 strawberry plants in honour of John Lennon.
• Forever