Top 100 Things to do in New York

New York's Top 100 Things To Do

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96 Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden New York

Madison Square Gardens is a great space for sporting events and concerts. Both the New York Knicks and Rangers call Madison Square Gardens home. You can tour this magnificent place daily.

The All Access Tour is your ticket to go behind the scenes at “The World’s Most Famous Arena”. With over 600 events every year, there’s always something to see. Visit the team locker rooms and experience the world of pro athletes and sports journalists. Learn how a basketball court becomes a sheet of ice. Explore 125 years of history of the garden where legends have been made—from athletes, to artists, to politicians.

The New York Pass gets you in for free

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97 Museum of the Moving Image

Remember that favorite TV show from your childhood? Perhaps it was the show you used to watch when you had free evenings in which to watch shows. Well you can probably find an episode at the Museum of the Moving Image.

Museum of the Moving Image


98 (72) Riverbank State Park

Riverbank State Park is a park is possessed with a multitude of things to do. Upper West Side joggers, rollerbladers and dog owners love this 28 acre landscaped park that nestles besides the Hudson River. Take your camera for a walk along the pedestrian esplanade rises high above the Hudson River. Apart from the river you can see New Jersey Palisades and lower Manhattan.

After feeding your eyeballs settle down your stomach on one of the grassy picnic areas or perhaps go for a swim first in one of the indoor and outdoor Olympic-sized swimming pools. You could even have a game tennis or basketball or alternatively head for the softball field or outdoor ice-skating rink.

If you aren't feeling that energetic you can exercise your brain by examining the 9 ton granite tomb of General Grant, the Civil War Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument and a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt.

If all that isn't enough there is a 400 seat amphitheater to admire, a cultural theater to visit and restaurant if you forgot to bring any food. The kids aren't forgotten either with a playground area facing the river.

Strangely enough (not) the park is very popular so you might want to arrive early.

Riverbank State Park


99 Carl Schurz Park

Nice views of the East River. It is a pleasant green space and popular with New Yorkers. The mayor of New York lives in the park...albeit in Gracie Mansion. Take a walk along the promenade by the water and in the gardens, which are simply gorgeous in the warmer months.

Carl Schurz Park offer many twisting lanes and lawns to enjoy. For the energetic there is a a basketball court and a playground for little people with energy to burn. The park also has a water sprinkler to cool them off in summer.

Carl Schurz Park


100 (77) Half-court at the NBA Store

You have got to have a shot at this. I don’t know why this isn’t more common. Sure there’s a space issue, sure it probably doesn’t sell any more product but it should be a consumer’s right to try before you decide not to buy. What better way than to have a game. Sport stores around world rise to the NBA challenge.

Half-court at the NBA Store


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