Top 120 Things to do in New York

What to do in New York?

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111 (54) Forbes Galleries

The Forbes Galleries is a museum of the interesting interests and hoarding instincts of Malcolm Forbes, founder of Forbes Magazine. Among the interesting interests are a few early versions of the board game Monopoly and presidential memorabilia.

Forbes Galleries


112 (56) West Indian American Day Carnival Parade

September, Labor Day, Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, West Indian American Day Carnival Parade. The locals in dress in West Indian bright clothing, there is dancing, music and fried chicken.

After your fill retreat to Prospect Park and head for Park Slope.

West Indian American Day Carnival Parade


113 (32) Build-A-Bear Workshop

Teddy was always there. Never too busy for a cuddle. Whilst he maybe lost to you in the wilds of time past there's no reason you can't recreate him.

Stuff it, inject some animal into your life. You can justify this, if you feel you have to, as you made a unique present for your cousin or nephew or your friends daughter's nephew and if you never get around to parting company with cuddles, well stuff happens.

You can personalize your Teddy with hundreds of bits of stuff that the proudest bear would be seen stuffed of. Utilize your creative side and dare to stuff a Teddy into your life (or someone else's, just make sure it is a good home)



114 (61) Trump Tower

Glitz personified. Trump Tower stands as a monument to riches and ego of developer Donald Trump. The Trump Tower atrium is just amazing. The Tower defies the belief that you can have 'more money than you can spend' or perhaps proves it. Visit and decide for yourself. As you would expect the cafes and shops could be described as 'exclusive' so be prepared for an expensive coffee break if required.

Trump Tower


115 (70) American Folk Art Museum

The American Folk Art Museum has over five thousand works of art dating back hundreds of years recording and illustrating the lives, experiences and emotions of the American people.

The American Folk Art Museum sets the scene for a talented array of expressive forms through a variety of interesting mediums. No, I've no idea what that means either. Click below anyway.

American Folk Art Museum


116 (72) Central Park Stage

Numerous performing groups do their stuff on Central Park Stage during the warmer months of the year.

Central Park Stage


117 (73) Guggenheim hosts Pay What You Wish

Donations please, on Friday evenings beginning at 5:45, the Guggenheim asks you to Pay What You Wish - admission is by donation.

Guggenheim hosts Pay What You Wish


118 (86) Queens Library

You will find a number of free cultural events at the Queens Library. Check the Queens Library website for details on poetry readings, concerts, and other cultural happenings.

Queens Library


119 (100) Pomander Walk

Looking a little like a slice of old London (England), Pomander Walk used to be home to Humphrey Bogart.

Pomander Walk


120 Atlantis Marine World

Located on Main Street in Riverhead, along the Peconic River, Atlantis Marine World is Long Island’s full-scale Aquarium.

Themed around the “Lost City of Atlantis,” Atlantis Marine World blends science and nature with myth to create an informative and entertaining environment for visitors of all ages. Atlantis Marine World offers a rich variety of experiences, from fascinating marine life exhibits to Aquatic Adventures and educational programs.

Atlantis Marine World


121 Woolworth Building

Located on the other side of Boardway, across from New York's City Hall, the oldest functioning city hall in the United States, is the Woolworth Building. The Woolworth Building is one New York's first skyscrapers, and still one of its tallest.


122 (105) Los Angeles

Fly to Los Angeles. There are 100s of things to do there as well.


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