Top 15 Things to do in New York

What to do in New York?

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11 (52) Ground Zero – World Trade Center Site

World Trade Center Site

You can explore the history of the World Trade Center and glimpse its future development. The World's largest financial center and office complex came to symbolize the wealth and power of the world's financial capital that fell victim to a brutal terrorist attack on 9/11/2001.

World Trade Center was created from the vision of, and financed by, the powerful Rockefeller family. At Ground Zero you can learn about the origins of the World Trade Center and its history before the tragic events of 9/11. Out of this horrendous event came uplifting stories of heroes such as Rick Rescorla, Willie Rodriguez, and Pat Tillman. Learn about the lives that they led before 9/11. Learn of the future plans for the World Trade Center site and how it will memorialize the sacrifice of these heroes.

More details are available on the New York Pass Website

If you can you should also visit the WTC Tribute Center.

Ground Zero – World Trade Center Site


12 (9) Times Square

Theatre Square, Neon Square, or Peoples Square might be more appropriate name but Times Square, in the heart of the Theatre District, is world famous so why change a successful brand. Besides, the New York Times would not forgive us.

A "must see" Times Square is a unique happening kind of place except,...not much really happens. The towering, animated neon signs that light up and flash are a must see but once seen you soon start to see you are in trap - a tourist trap. You can take great pictures of policeman, people and see the city light show. Times Square screams New York New York! except it’s full of visitors so the locals struggle to make it in.

Tourist trap is apt as it is hard to escape through the crowds. If there was no have-to to it then you probably wouldn't. Maybe that is unfair. There are big buildings with big stores to visit, lots of pretty quick food outlets, noise, NYPD, and of course those Neon lights.

More On New York's Times Square

Bus Tour of New York including Times Square

Bus Tour of New York including Times SquareGet onboard and see New York

Good starting point to see New York particularly if you don't have much time. From Times Square to the Statue of Liberty, from the Empire State Building to Harlem, enjoy exciting attractions with unlimited hop-on and hop-off opportunities. Create your own way to see New York. Valid for 48 hours your ticket includes the Uptown Loop, the Downtown Loop, the Brooklyn Loop (trolley), and the spectacular Night Tour (not hop-on and hop- off)!

You would be hop-in mad not to hop on a Deluxe Double Decker Bus. (See Bus Tour Packages).


13 (56) Wall Street

Wall Street shuffles from Broadway to South Street on the East River in lower Manhattan. Wall Street is the main artery of the financial heart of New York and home to the New York Stock Exchange [No. 11] and NASDAQ.

When Manhattan was Dutch and liked to be known as New Amsterdam, a 2,340 foot fortified wall was erected from the East River to the Hudson River. The wall was intended to keep the British out. Today the wall is sadly gone and the British are in, in that is up to their necks in financial woe.

More on Wall Street

Wall Street Tour - Hamilton's Financial Tour

Wall Street New YorkMoney money

Explore classic New York sights such as Battery Park, Bowling Green, Fraunces Tavern, Wall Street, and the World Trade Center site, among many others. This ambitious walk explores New York City from its founding as a Dutch settlement to its rise as the world’s financial capital.

The story comes is told through the eyes of Alexander Hamilton, whose rise from a penniless young immigrant to become our nation's first Secretary of the Treasury epitomizes the immigrant spirit that defines New York City.

The New York Pass grants you free admission to the Hamilton Financial District Tour among many others. Maybe you'll discover were all the money went :)


14 (11) St. Patrick's Cathedral

St Patricks Cathedral New YorkSt Patricks - a stunner of a building

Beautiful. It is just a beautiful building both inside and out. Though Saint Patrick's was built in Gothic style, its design is original and distinct. St Pats full name is the Cathedral of Saint Patrick. You will find it located on Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets in New York City. The Cathedral is the largest gothic-style Catholic Cathedral in the United States.

You don't need to be Catholic to appreciate Saint Pats but you might become one if you spend too much time there. It is a truly peaceful place. A place of immense beauty in both its design and feel. Visit during day light to fully appreciate the architecture and stained glass.

Links to St Pats


15 (10) Greenwich Village (The Village)

Greenwich Village New York

Greenwich Village is loved and famed by TV series such as Sex in the City. Beautiful tree lined streets, elegant houses, outdoor sidewalk cafés and restaurants doesn't fully explain Greenwich Village's magnetism.

Maybe The Village's major appeal is more personal. If you have an interest in people you should enjoy spending time here. The cafes, restaurants and bars have made Greenwich Village a major contributor to Manhattan's social scene. At the heart of this is New York University and Washington Square Park with its Memorial Arch, street art, buskers and people watchers. The nearby Meatpacking District continues the theme but with its own brand of cafes, restaurants and nightlife.

Links to Greenwich Village (The Village)

Greenwich Village Tour

From Edgar Allan Poe to Simon and Garfunkel, discover where American literature, painting, cinema, and modern music all started. This stroll through the winding, twisted streets of Greenwich Village takes you from the Washington Square Arch to the folk music clubs of Bleecker Street. Named after the father of American Poetry, this tour will discover the origins of the neighborhood that became the incubator for the art movements in this nation from American Theater to folk rock and stand-up comedy.

Save on Uncle Sam's Edgar Allan Poe Greenwich Village Tour


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