Top 25 Things to do in New York

What to do in New York?

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21 (37) The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Museum of Modern Art MOMA museumThe Museum of Modern Art is a MOMA of a museum

The world’s leading museum of modern art offers a rich program of exhibitions at 11 West 53rd Street. Collection highlights include paintings by such modern masters as Vincent van Gogh (including "Starry Night"), Claude Monet ("Water Lilies") and Jackson Pollock. Daily film and video screenings and gallery talks are free with admission. Extensive MoMA Bookstore and MoMA Design Store. Enjoy a meal at Sette MoMA, the Museum’s elegant Italian restaurant.

Free Entry with a New York Pass

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22 (40) Bronx Zoo

High Fives at the Bronz Zoo

The 4,000 odd residents who live more or less harmoniously near the Bronx River makes the Bronx Zoo the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States. Covering over 265 acres (107 ha) the parklands and habitats that make up the zoo’s naturalistic feel is a credit to the Zoo and surely kinder on the animals than some of its competitors.

The Award-winning Congo Gorilla Forest, an African rain forest that’s home to more than 20 lowland gorillas, the Jungle World, an Asian tropical rain forest that’s home to gibbons, tapir, langurs and other Asian species. If you had to live in Zoo you would have your name down for a Bronz Zoo enclosure in an instant.

One thing to 'bear' in mind. Despite all that fur not all the animals like to go out in the cold. Some of the animals, particularly the ones used to warmer climes, may choose to stay indoors during cold weather.

A New York Pass will give you free entry but you will have to leave at closing time. The Bronz Zoo is open every day of the year with a variety of indoor and outdoor exhibits.

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23 (108) New York Skyride

New York Skyride Emprie State BuildingSee all of New York from only the second floor of the Empire State Building..

How do you get to see all of New York from only the second floor of the Empire State Building? Quickly is the answer. Faster than a speeding yellow cab. Higher than a bird. This is New York's Skyride - an aerial tour of New York without leaving the ground - well just a little, you are on the second floor don't forget. You will experience New York from above, New York at street level and then Skyride really gets down to business. Safely strapped into your specially-equipped, motion-simulated, big- screen theater seat you will get to know New York in a big hurry. Think you know this city. You aint seen nothing until you have visited the second floor of the Empire State. Bring a friend. Forget the popcorn.

A New York Pass will give you free entry to the Skyride and the Observation Level of the Empire State Building.

New York Skyride


24 (106) Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises

Circle Line Sightseeing CruisesFull Island Sightseeing Cruise

You can circumnavigate Manhattan Island and see many of New York's top attractions. 3 rivers, 7 major bridges, 5 boroughs, over 25 world renowned landmarks and, of course, a magnificent close-up of the Statue of Liberty.

You have a few different options. You can go for a 75-minute or 2-hour cruise. Either way you;ll see many of New York's most memorable landmarks. Alternatively enjoy a romantic 2-hour sunset cruise. If you are short of time the fastest speedboat in New York might be for you. 'The Beast" soars past New York's skyscrapers at around 45mph. See link below for more

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises


25 Skate at Wollman Rink

The outdoor Wollman Rink located in Central Park has a fun, relaxed atmosphere and is friendly towards people who fall over. There is a snack bar, lockers and you can hire skates. The Wollman Rink is very popular so it is advisable to avoid weekends if you can. In the warmer months it is still worth rolling up to the rink as the blades give way to wheels.

This is very New York and a wonderful way to enjoy the city skyline. Try not to bump into anyone unless they are good looking and/or very soft.

On Ice Till October - Wollman Rink


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