Top 45 Things to do in New York

What to do in New York?

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41 Cathedral Church of St John the Divine

Cathedral Church of St John the Divine New York

The Cathedral Church of St John is the world’s largest cathedral. So tall that the Statue of Liberty would fit comfortably under its dome. If religious conflicts could be settled by a game of football, there is room enough for two football fields within the church.

Apart from its sheer size the Church is architecturally stunning. The gothic cathedral soars overhead with its stained glass windows glinting down. The gardens provide a beautiful setting and the wandering peacocks provide the finishing touch to a memorable experience.

The Cathedral is located on Amsterdam Avenue near West 112th Street. You should also have a peak at the Columbia University which resides nearby.

The New York Pass grants you free admission to the Cathedral and a free Highlight Tour

St John the Divine


42 (22) United Nations Headquarters

A been there done that sort of place. Worth seeing if only for the building and statues outside but don't be too concerned if you don't have the time to bring about world peace.

If you have some interest a tour is a good idea. The history and values of the United Nations are important even if it doesn't always achieve its ideals. The tour includes the General Assembly Hall when not in use. When the flags are flying the Assembly is open for business. You can get free tickets to sit in on a council session. You'll need to call the information desk for a ticket. Book well in advance as seats are limited.

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43 (109) Queens Zoo

Queens Zoo Queens New York

If you get the chance to enjoy the American wilderness then you should take it. If you can experience it without even leaving New York City then what are you waiting for. The 12-acre Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadows Corona Park boasts over 60 spectacular species roaming around in naturalistic surroundings representing wild lands of North and South America. Stroll down a wooded path and meet up with a mountain lion. Venture across an expansive plain to witness bison grazing in the grass. Look closely up at the trees and you may be rewarded with the sight of spectacled bears relaxing in the branches. For the kids there is a charming barnyard area where you can feed less wild animals.

Free entry with a New York Pass

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44 (101) Big Apple Greeter

Get in early for free Big Apple Greeter. These guys are busy, busy but happy happy with it. See the neighborhood of your choice with a neighborhood expert.

Big Apple Greeter


45 The Late Show

If you are a fan then this is something you have to do. If you aren’t a fan then you don’t. If you are with somebody who is a fan then find them another fan to go with.

The Late Show


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