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What to do in New York?

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66 (105) Flushing Meadow

Home to the New York Mets baseball team, U.S. tennis open and the 1964 World's Fair Unisphere at Corona Park.

Corona Park

The 1,200 square acre Corona Park in Flushing Meadows is the largest park in Queens. It was the site of 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs. Of particular interest is the famous Unisphere, the symbol of the 1964 Fair. The park's riches also include three lakes, the New York Hall of Science , the Queens Museum of Art , a golf course and a skating rink.

Flushing Meadow / Corona Park


67 Rockefeller Center

Art deco designed the Rockefeller Center is the largest privately owned complex of its kind with a glitzy interior and home to the Today Show.

nbc Tour rockefeller center new yorkNBC Interview with the Invisible Man :)

For over 70 years NBC has ran an historic studio tour of some of the most famous studios including: Dateline NBC, NBC Nightly News, NBC Sports, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, and Saturday Night Live. Depending when your tour takes place you may catch a glimpse of a show in pre-production or cross paths with a famous NBC personality.

New York Pass NBC Tour

More Rockefeller Center


68 Paramount Building

The impressive stepped pyramid appearance of the Art Deco crowned Paramount Building is worth the journey to see it with your own eyes. Venture inside and you will discover the Hard Rock cafe and a concert area.

Paramount Building


69 Museum of Television and Radio (Paley Center)

Paley CenterDon't make ém like they used to - thankfully?

Thank you Mr. Internet. The once interestingly named Museum of Television & Radio (MT&R) was renamed the boring Paley Center for Media in 2007 to cater for the Internet, mobile video and podcasting. It’s more fun than its name suggests.

There is something for everyone at the Paley Center for Media. Relive or see for the first time some fascinating clips from the earliest days of the TV and radio until almost now. Early Beetles, young Elvis, sporting classic moments, I love Lucy [whata gal], Jack Benny or early Ed Sullivan shows, watch the first moon walk, M*A*S*H and The Sopranos.

From a collection includes over 100,000 television and radio programs and advertisements there must be something there you would want to watch. You get up to two hours at a time. Individual viewing consoles are provided so you don't have to watch the same stuff.

Free Entry with a New York Pass.

More Museum of Television and Radio


70 Friday Night Blues

You can get the blues most Friday and Saturday nights for next to nothing and or even less at B.B King Blues Club & Grill. Arrive early as this is not a secret. Shows normally start around 9pm but as ever check the website for details / confirmation.

Friday Night Blues


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