Top 95 Things to do in New York

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), China Town, FDNY Fire Zone Castle Clinton National Monument Shakespeare in Central Park New York

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91 (57) Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)

Music, Opera, Theatre and Cinema. The urban arts center that is the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) has it covered. BAM will have something on offer to raise your spirits and/or move your being. At times, literally.

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)


92 (50) China Town

It is a pretty safe bet you will see alot of Chinese people in New York City’s Chinatown. In fact, possibly more Chinese people than you will ever see anywhere outside of Asia. So if it doesn’t feel a little like China then you are probably from China in which case you probably won’t mind. Cheap gifts, interesting smells, sights, sounds and of course great food.

If you can, visit Chinatown during the Chinese New Year celebration for firecrackers, dragons, drums and parades. Go early in the morning to get the early bird special at the parking lots. Head for Canal Street and go with the flow.

China Town


93 (31) FDNY Fire Zone

So what do you wanna be when you grow up? If you didn't say fire-fighter you deserve to be an accountant. This is your chance to explore that childhood wish without getting burnt. Do your bit and learn how to prevent fires even if you don't get to extinguish one.

Interactive exhibits, including a recreated firehouse will make you feel part of the war against fire.

Get linked up with a fire-fighter


94 Castle Clinton National Monument

Admire the Statue of Liberty from the scenic vistas from inside of Castle Clinton National Monument, or learn about the park's important military history from costumed park rangers.

Castle Clinton National Monument


95 Shakespeare in the Park

Woody continues to draw the crowds. Shakespeare’s fans can be seen to lining up from 6 a.m. for tickets to one of his performances in the Park. The Shakespeare is free each summer.

Shakespeare in the Park


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