Top 100 Top 100 Things To Do In New York


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New York Sightseeing    
Top of the Rock
New York Top 10 Things To Do
Times Square
Brooklyn Bridge New York
Bronx Zoo
Coney Island
Central Park Zoo
New York Public Library
United Nations Headquarters
Battery Park New York
General Electric Building
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Rockefeller Center
Prospect Park
Riverside Park
Union Square Park
Wave Hill
China Town
New York Top 100 Things To Do
George Washington Bridge
American Day Carnival Parade

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New York City Sightseeing

Sightseeing in NYC - New York City

There are a number of ways you can explore and discover New York City. Most popular are bus tours, walking tours and boat trips around New York Harbor. Self-guided walking tours of Manhattan and elsewhere offer a more New York less tourist option.


Bus Tours of New York City

If you are short of time, a New York bus tour is hard to beat in terms of ease, convenience and quantum of what you can expect to see. The downside is the lack of flexibility, depth and perspective.

Bus Tours of New York City


Walking Tours of New York City

There are numerous tours to choose from if you want to experience New York from the ground up. This is a great way to really get to see the parts of New York that you have dreamed of seeing. The trouble is you may need to combine a walk with a bus tour or alternatively, plan to visit specific attractions in order see all the "Must Sees".

Walking Tours of New York City


Boat Tours of New York City

Unless you only have a day or so a boat trip should form part of your New York sightseeing adventure. A boat tour is a great way to see and experience New York and should be on everyone's list.

Boat Tours of New York City


What are the must see New York City attractions?

Start from No.1 of the Top 100 Things To Do In New York and decide which attractions you most want to see. You can then measure this against the tours you choose to go on. As a supplement to these ideas:


Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met sums up a dilemma you are bound to be faced with during your visit to New York City. Either you skim your way through the Met or plan to focus on the exhibits you most want to see.

Visit New York City

Visit the Statue of Liberty

It is hard to go to New York and not go to see the Statue of Liberty. A ferry ride (minus the commuters) is good way to see her but a boat trip is recommended:

Visit New York City


Should you get a visitor pass?

The New York Pass covers many of New York's Top Sights and Things To Do. For example, The Top of the Rock is covered by the New York Pass and is currently ranked No. 2 on the Top Things To Do in New York. The New York Pass is worth purchasing if you want to see as much as you possibly can whilst in New York. The New York Pass reduces the time and hassle it takes to get in and should save you a considerable amount on entrance fees.

New York Pass

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Happy New York sightseeing

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