Top 80 Things to do in New York

What to do in New York?

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76 (78) Riverside Church

The Riverside Church is a stand out amongst a number of magnificent churches that bless the great city of New York. The easy to appreciate Church Tower stands almost 400 feet tall. The 16th-century Flemish windows are worthy of closer inspection.

You should find a free tour on Sundays.

Riverside Church


77 (48) Riverside Park

Riverside Park allows you to take a stroll aside the Hudson River. It is relaxing and peaceful way to spend a part of your day.

Riverside Park


78 (21) New York Comedy

Gerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams they all had to to start somewhere. Apart from the lucky few, comedy rarely makes comedians rich. Comedy just makes the rest of us feel happy. It is one of the most underrated of the arts. The comics pretty much tour all of the clubs. Unfunny comics don't last long. Remember where you are. If they can make it here..

Which club should you visit to support these struggling performers(?). It comes down to quality of venue and admission price. Smaller venues might save you a dollar and give the whole experience an edge. Personally I like the packaging of a decent club.

Audience Participation

Remember comedy often has an element of audience participation. Don't be reserved, it can be fun but if you are a little sensitive, self-conscious or out with a 'personal assistant' sit away from the stage.

Talking of reserved, you should to ensure you get in.

New York's Top Comedy Clubs


79 (113) Van Courtland House Museum

Van Courtland House Museum New York

Van Cortlandt House Museum is a beautiful 360 year old Georgian-style mansion in the Bronx. It used to be on a wheat plantation and is the oldest residence in the Bronx. You can inspect the family's formal and private rooms, containing many of their original possessions. Of note is the slave bedchamber which shows the diverse daily life of those who lived on the plantation.

Free entry with a New York Pass

More Van Cortlandt House Museum


80 (76) Whitney Museum

For priceless twentieth and twenty-first century American art you can’t go past the Whitney Museum on a Friday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. (but you will check first won’t you). Otherwise expect to pay to get in. Donations will be expected

More on the Whitney Museum


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