Top 30 Things to do in New York

What to do in New York?

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26 New York Botanical Gardens

New York Botanical Gardens

Awesome, fantastic way to spend a few hours. Am I still in New York(?). Love this space. The New York Botanical Garden is one of America's foremost public gardens. It spans 250 acres and includes 48 different gardens and plant collections. The New York Botanical Garden includes the Bronx River and cascading waterfall, 50 acres of historic forest and the largest Victorian glasshouse in America.

The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden has wonderful collections of daylilies, flowering trees, and conifers. The Everett Children's Adventure Garden is equally popular with families as it contains 40 hands-on activities for children.

The New York Botanical Gardens has its own metro - 20 minutes to North at Grand Central Terminal - The Garden's Cafe is nice. Admission is free on Wednesday which is even better.

New York Pass if you don't like Wednesdays

Walk in the park - New York Botanical Gardens


27 Coney Island

Some say Coney Island is just a playground and we are all invited. See the Cyclones play, visit the aquarium, beach, walk the boardwalk, see a concert. All this is just a subway ride away. You won't get bored.

New York Aquarium New YorkNew York Aquarium on Coney Island

New York Aquarium star's include walruses, penguins, seals, sharks, sea otters, seahorses and much more. Not content with looking good the marine mammals love to demonstrate their swimming, jumping and all round athletic abilities. More than this there are also hands-on exhibits and up-close creature encounters.

At the "Explore the Shore", you can let a 400-gallon wave “crash” over you and engage in a hands-on experience with the creatures of the sea.

More New York Aquarium with a New York Pass

More Coney Island


28 (58) Go Sailing in a Tall Ship!

TALL Ship sailing New York

Come aboard for an experience you will remember forever. Nothing will prepare you for the amazing sensation of being on the Clipper City…158’ long, with masts rising 120’ off the deck. Enjoy stunning close up views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. The traditionally rigged Clipper City is a steel replica of the Clipper ships that dominated the coastal trade in the US during the 1800’s. Clipper City boasts a full cash bar. This is a way to enjoy the New York sights from different prospective - the photographic opportunities are awesome.

Tall Ship Sailing around New York


29 (53) Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The highlight is the money of course. Show me the money somebody will probably ask and they will, you just can’t take it away, no freebies etc. I am sure the guides love hearing the same gags over and over again.

If you like yellow bricks and the idea of mountains of cash you will enjoy the tour. The lowlight is the Fed's gold vault, which is located underground 80 feet below street level, in the bedrock of NYC.

The gold vault holds 900 tons of gold which almost enough to keep the financial system afloat. You can see and touch the gold if you have small enough fingers but, sorry, the gold stays where it is.

Another nice touch is it is free to do if you book well in advance and can get pass the security.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York


30 (98) The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection New York

Rembrandts, Turners are just part of Henry Frick's collection. Paintings by the greatest European artists, one of the finest groups of small bronzes in the world, superb eighteenth-century French furniture and beautiful Oriental rugs all set in Henry Frick's (1849 - 1919) impressive mansion. Venture outside inside to the indoor garden court and allow yourself a moment for reflection by the ornate fountain or gaze through the beautiful glass ceiling. A visit to see The Frick Collection is a relatively relaxed way to see and appreciate world class art.

Frick Collection


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