Top 20 Things to do in New York

What to do in New York?

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16 (11) The Cloisters, Part of the Met Museum

The Cloisters Part of the Met Museum

Devoted to medieval art and architecture The Cloisters museum is a must. The building itself reflects its medieval content in its design. Perched high up on top of a hill in northern Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park The Cloisters overlooks the Hudson River and has a great view of the Palisades. The gardens are simply a delight. You will enjoy exploring the beautifully re-created medieval plant, flower, and herb gardens.

Within The Cloisters you will discover 5,000 works of art, including magnificent sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass and the celebrated Unicorn Tapestries.

The New York Pass grants you free admission to the Museum. Present your pass at the Admissions Desk in the Main Hall.

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17 (23) Brooklyn Bridge

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and reward yourself with an ice cream at the highly recommended Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory [1 Water St., Brooklyn, 718-246-3963] at Fulton Ferry Landing and enjoy the tall building view. Fulton Ferry Landing is one of the best places to photograph New York's downtown skyscrapers.

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18 (12) Roosevelt Island Aerial Tram Adventure

Catch the Roosevelt Island Aerial Tram from The Tram Plaza on 59th Street and Second Avenue midtown Manhattan. For very little (or free if you have the right metrocard) get ready for an amazing ride past the great sights of New York. Just be aware if you are scared of heights not to get too close to the windows. The Aerial Tram takes you 250 feet above the East River.

The tram is the only aerial commuter tram in the states. It is an inexpensive way to view the amazing New York City skyline. The journey to Roosevelt Island only lasts a few minutes. Once there get onboard the cheap red mini-bus that can transport you just about everywhere worth being transported to.

Please avoid peak times as this a commuter tram not just for visitors. Sadly it appears the Tram will be out of commission for a few months from March. Alternative transport will be available so you should still be able to gain access to the island.

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a small thin island between Queens and Manhattan with five parks and some interesting views.The island is dedicated Theodore Roosevelt the 26th President of the United States. There are several gentle nature trails and boardwalk to facilitate viewing of the wildlife in the forest and swamp. Roosevelt Island is a little off the beaten track but well worth a visit to get a different prospective on the Big Apple.

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19 (-) Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall New YorkThe World Famous Carnegie Concert Hall

The tour is good value and covers the music and some American history. Visitors see the concert hall from various points of view. The guides share the story of why Carnegie Hall was built and what makes Carnegie Hall so unique. The guides also tell how the famed Hall was saved from destruction in 1960 and the story of the “ Twenty-Eight Week Miracle” that was the renovation of Carnegie Hall in 1986. With luck you will see a rehearsal during your visit. Carnegie Hall is part of the soul of New York but perhaps more importantly, Carnegie Hall can boast of some of the best acoustics in the world.

A New York Pass will cover the cost of a tour

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20 (58) American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History T Rex

The American Museum of Natural History does big things like no one else. The Museum boasts the world’s largest collection of dinosaur and other vertebrate fossils. There are over 600 specimens on display. A little hard to miss is the Blue Whale. Few people realize that this is the biggest creature that ever lived. It will be a very sad day if it ever becomes extinct.

Within the walls of The American Museum of Natural History you will discover a universe of wonders. A must see is the spectacular Rose Center for Earth and Space. A must walk is the re-creation of an African rain forest in the Hall of Biodiversity. Where else can you walk through a rain forest in New York without even going outside. The American Museum of Natural History is just an awesome museum. They really don't charge enough - but don't tell them I said so.

Free entry with a New York Pass

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