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What to do in New York?

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6 (10) The Empire State Building

The world's tallest buildings in 1931 the Empire State still rates quite highly. Best attempted at night for great views and fewer crowds. The Empire State Building is located at 350 Fifth Avenue, between 33rd and 34th Streets, in midtown Manhattan.

The Empire State Building


7 (-) Chrysler Building

Great get-photo-of-that landmark must-see-but-not-much-to-do-sort-of thing. Take a walk down 42nd and look up. Might be best if you stopped walking first though. That said, one way to meet the locals.

The Chrysler Building


8 (-) Grand Central Terminal (Station)

A good looker, inside and out, Grand Central is more than your average train station. A place hang out, people watch and even get married. As a bonus, it has trains as well.

'Things' to watch out for:

  • Four sided clock
  • Ceiling mural
  • Double grand staircases
  • Gorgeous chandeliers
  • Whispering Gallery
  • Fast moving heavy luggage (ouch)
Grand Central Terminal (Station Website)


9 (111) Guggenheim Museum

In addition to special exhibitions, the Guggenheim Museum presents permanent collection of priceless masterpieces.

Guggenheim Museum


10 (6) Staten Island Ferry

Great value, as at the time of writing this, the ferry ride is FREE.

What you can expect to see in passing / from a distance.

  • Ellis Island
  • Statue of Liberty
  • City Sky Line
  • People
Staten Island Ferry

Top 15 Things To Do In New York